About Us

Vasili's was born in the spring of 2012! Well the idea was formulated anyway :)! The name was derived from my Papou's (greek for grandpa) last name which in full is Vasilopolous! It was a little long and quite the mouthful to pronounce so we felt the need to shorten it into the nick name Vasili's! Which translated from its greek origin actually means "king".

Our wonderful menu is very much attributed to the amazing food we had growing up from our grandparents! Every year my Papou would plant the most amazing garden and our meals often started from there! So with keeping our culinary tradition, our main objective is to give our costomers the best and freshest ingredients that we possibly can. We do our best to support our fellow local businesses in and around Calgary by suppling our truck with their local and naturally grown products!

The amazing vendors from The Calgary Farmers Market have been a huge help to us! We buy our beef from the fabulous farm/company Silver Sage Beef, Clark Zentner and his family are truly warm and extremely helpful people! Not to mention the quality of their beef is simply amazing!

We buy the majority of our vegetables from Gull Valley Farms, also a family run company headed by Scott Epple. The produce we buy from them is picked 24 hours before being brought to market and is naturally grown, our menu wouldn't be the same with out these wonderful vegetables!

A true gem of a market is Sunterra Market where we buy our pork products from, they strive on providing calgary with the best products around and they sure do succeed in our eyes!

We feel strongly that when we combine all these wonderful healthy products and make them a basis for our amazing menu we have come up with the recipe for success and hope you do to! Our business is family run and owned, we have had tremendous joy in meeting (and feeding) the thousands of calgarians we have met thus far and are so extremely excited to see all of you again and again!

Lots of love,
the Vasili's girls ;)
April, Lindsay, Georgia, kristen and Angharad

Our Suppliers

Gull Valley Farms Silver Sage Beef